The Guardian family pays homage to Newscaster Kulsum Hashem


Musammat Kulsum Hashem (50) died of cancer (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun) on the 15th of March 2015 at a city hospital in Dhaka. She was a well-reputed newscaster of Bangladesh Betar and a newscaster of BTV. She was also Assistant Editor of The Guardian.

She left behind her husband, editor of The Guardian, Abul Hashem and her only 7-year 10-month old son Nafis Hashem and many relatives, colleagues, family friends and admirers and well-wishers to mourn her death.

Kulsum was a great human person of many rare qualities.  She passed the Master of Science at second class with 8th position from the University of Dhaka in 1986. After her completion of Master’s degree, she started teaching. She was lecturer in Home Economics at Mohammadpur Women’s University College. She also taught at Hercules International School and Cambridge International School.

Till her death, she was vice-chairman of the Managing Committee of Govt. Ideal Primary School and Govt. Shishu Kallyan Primary School, Mohammadpur. She received special training on School Managing Committee (SMC) sponsored by the Directorate of Primary Education and training on newscasting at the National Institute of Mass Communication and other institutions. She also joined the M Phil course at the Institute of Nutrition & Food Science of the University of Dhaka.

She was a scion of a highly respectable Muslim family of Mohammadpur, Dhaka. She was born on the 9th of January, 1965 at Tajmahl Road, Mohammadpur. Her father late Alhaj Golam Kibria joined the postal service in British time and retired as Asstt. Super from the Foreign Postal Service in 1976. He was founder vice-chairman and treasurer of Mohammadia Madrasa & Zame Masjid in Tajmahal Road and her mother late Alhaj Rashida Khatun was also involved behind the foundation of Mahila Madrasa in the same area. Kulsum Hashem is her married name. Her maiden name is Umme Kulsum Koli. She is also well-known as Kulsium Kibria Koli. She is sixth among her two brothers and five sisters. Her second brother Rashidul Islam along with his 14-year old son died of car accident in the USA a few years ago.

Kulsum like her parents was a very pious woman. She offered her prayer to Almighty Allah regularly and observed Faroz and all other Sunnat and Nafal Roza and also observed Nafal Roza almost every Monday including additional one whether Sunday or Tuesday, marking the birthday of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SM). She taught Holy Quran free to the poor children at her home. She was also a regular donor to Mohammadia  Madrasa & Zame Masjid. The premature death of this generous lady grieved not only her family members, relatives and colleagues but also the people of all strata of life from all around the area. From the Saturday night till to her Janaja, hundreds of people came to pay their last respect to her. Different national dailies including the Bangladesh Betar and other media also published her death news.

She was buried into her parents’ grave at the compound of Mohammadpur Zame Mosque and Eidgaon Complex on Sunday after Zohar prayer. Kulsum was a caring daughter, a loving mother and a devoted wife. She was a highly committed, a trusted and an energetic human person. She was an uncompromising lady and strict to her principle at any situation. Whatever she thought to do, she got it done without caring who said what. She was very hospitable. Whatever the time one came to be her guest or to visit her, she never allowed him or her without taking her hospitality. She was also very kind to the poor. Whoever came for help to her, she helped them in kind or cash without any thought. She donated money and gold ornaments for some poor girls to be married. She reared up her mentally challenged sister Mahmuda Khatoon like her own child.

Kulsum joined the Betar and BTV as Newscaster long 20 years ago. It was not so easy to be a newscaster at that time. She had plural dreams. Because of the absence of proper opportunity she could not reach her cherished destination. If proper opportunity cold be provided, Kulsum might have reached so far and served her nation and the humanity so much.

Cancer is a dangerous disease. She suffered the pain of cancer less than one year. But, for those she sacrificed her best time and energy of life and her valuable life, she fell prey to them. They made her life painful and suffering, especially after her father’s death in 2004 family feud with property pushed her into panic situation. She did not get peace for a single day in her life. Her life was full of sorrows and pains. In spite of the fact, she never stopped. She fought for justice and ensuring due rights of hers and others. Thus she left the earth for ever. This is the biggest tragedy. In her Diary she wrote many untold stories of her these pains, struggles and hopes. These remain to be known.

Kulsum Hashem was a great person with a difference. One who ever met her, forget her never. She is a model for others to follow. Her life can a be subject of study and research to inspire and encourage others. We from The Guardian salute this great lady and on behalf of her grief-stricken family, we express thanks and gratitude to all for sharing sorrows with the members of her bereaved family, including the print and other media for showing their love and respect to Kusum Hashem.

In the end, we seek doa for Kulsum Hashem from all and we pray that may Allah the Most Merciful kindly rest her departed soul in eternal peace and grant her Zannat. Ameen.