Ode to the Rainy Season -Rifat Ara Begum

Ode to the Rainy Season

-Rifat Ara Begum

The sky is cloudy,
The rainy day is gloomy,
The wild wind touches my heart,
An unknown lady stands with a blue umbrella,
I see the mellow and Juicy,
Jackfruit and Carambala,
I enjoy the sweet smell of Kadamba and Gardenia,
The rain wits my body.

I am the queen of rainy season.
No melancholy
Sweet glitters of rain is blazing
How amazing!
In jocund scenery of nature
I can see the golden future.

I hear the wilful sound of rainy season
Making a garden craft by fresh green season
I want to feel the romance of the rainy season.

Rifat Ara Begum